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Um Hino à Ciência: a Poética da Realidade

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Ainda sem tradução (voluntários?), mas ficou genial!

"Science replaces private prejudice
With publicly verifiable evidence"

Richard Dawkins

Eis aqui a transcrição das falas mixadas nesta obra:

[Michael Shermer]
Science is the best tool ever devised
For understanding how the world works

[Jacob Bronowski]
Science is a very human form of knowledge
We are always at the brink of the known

[Carl Sagan]
Science is a collaborative enterprise
Spanning the generations
We remember those who prepared the way
Seeing for them also

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
If you're scientifically literate,
The world looks very different to you
And that understanding empowers you

[Richard Dawkins]
There's real poetry in the real world
Science is the poetry of reality

We can do science
And with it, we can improve our lives

[Jill Tarter]
The story of humans is the story of ideas
That shine light into dark corners

[Lawrence Krauss]
Scientists love mysteries
They love not knowing
[Richard Feynman]
I don't feel frightened by not knowing things
I think it's much more interesting

[Brian Greene]
There's a larger universal reality
of which we are all a part

[Stephen Hawking]
The further we probe into the universe
The more remarkable are the discoveries we make

[Carolyn Porco]
The quest for the truth, in and of itself,
Is a story that's filled with insights


From our lonely point in the cosmos
We have through the power of thought
Been able to peer back to a brief moment
After the beginning of the universe

[PZ Myers]
I think that science changes the way your mind works
To think a little more deeply about things

Science replaces private prejudice
With publicly verifiable evidence

(Carl Sagan's lyrics written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan and Steven Soter)

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Ronaldo Paesi disse...

Esse link está mandando pra uma versão legendada no youtube.

Muito bom!

Jorge Quillfeldt disse...

Sim, Ronaldo,

Estamos tentando não carregar necessariamente todo e qualquer vídeo aqui porque complica (além de demorar): esse vídeo, por exemplo, tem 150MB.

Mas como é numa rede, dá tudo no mesmo, certo? Mesmo assim, continuaremos carregando os vídeos mais imprescindiveis ou difíceis de achar, nòa se preocupe.


Ronaldo Paesi disse...

Eu estava tentando dizer que já tem tradução (versão legendada).
Então não precisa de voluntários, ehehehehe.